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NAACP Labor Chair is ready to fight for jobs

She says no one would call her a ‘well behaved’ woman
The new faces of the Mpls NAACP: MSR’s story on the new officers of the Minneapolis Branch of the NAACP (“Minneapolis NAACP swears in new members,” Feb. 27) revealed among other things that women now constitute a majority of the new leadership. This week, meet Tee McClenty, head of the Branch’s new labor committee. 

By Isaac Peterson

Contributing Writer


Labor activist Tee McClenty, originally from Camden, New Jersey, has a long history of service and of representing labor interests. As she tells it, “I’ve been a labor activist for a very long time. I worked at a long-term care facility, where I was a union steward. Continue Reading →

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Personal care attendants looking to unionize

In-home healthcare workers caring for family members feel they deserve better pay  

By Charles Hallman

Staff Writer


Personal care assistants (PCAs) are persons who care for elderly and disabled folk at home. Clara R. NaKumbe, age 72, gave up her private daycare business to take care of her adult son Siran, who was stricken several years ago with multiple sclerosis. “When he first got it, he could still do some things for himself,” recalls NaKumbe. But soon thereafter, Siran had to move into her North Minneapolis home where he could receive 24-hour supervision and care. “He has to be fed. Continue Reading →

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Deficits, deceit, and Social Security


By Norman and Velma Hill

Guest Commentators



Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid are the foundations for the wellbeing of scores of millions of middle- and low-income Americans. Without Social Security, 14 million more low-income Americans would be living in poverty. Because of Medicare, 33 million older people live longer, have access to quality care, and are not driven into poverty by rapidly rising healthcare costs. Medicaid is a healthcare boon to Americans not yet eligible for Medicare, which covers some 60 million Americans. Because of historical and lingering discrimination, racial minorities in particular need these programs. Overall, they have less income and fewer assets than Whites, so a higher percentage of their retirement income comes from Social Security benefits. Continue Reading →

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