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Family contact with prisoners known to reduce re-offending

Community asks commissioner to remove obstacles to such contact
By Raymond Jackson
Contributing Writer


On April 24, Reverend Jerry McAfee of New Salem Baptist Church hosted an event introducing Minnesota Department of Corrections Commissioner Tom Roy and his staff to a listening audience greatly affected by the rules, regulations and policies of Minnesota correctional facilities. This was an audience whose cultural base is four percent of Minnesota’s population, yet from their community comes 50 percent of Minnesota’s incarcerated population: African Americans. The top three areas of concern were:

• a 10 percent increase in the surcharge applied to money sent to inmates,

• visitation and family contact, and

• educational opportunities for those incarcerated. Reverend McAfee, in his introduction and welcome, stated, “Our goal tonight is to get some information, to all of us, that tells exactly what the Department of Corrections does. Normally when we deal with the Department of Corrections it is from a negative perspective. Continue Reading →

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The danger of failing to find your purpose



Last October I submitted an article to MSR as a guest commentator. In it, I challenged incarcerated men like myself to use their influence to effect change and curtail youth violence in the community. MSR published the article and then gave me the opportunity to be a regular monthly columnist and live up to the challenge I issued. Through this column, I hope to reach out to my community from within these prison walls and myself to offer insight, encouragement, perspective, awareness and solutions that deal directly with violence, young men, and the community. To provide context for upcoming articles and a reason why many young men choose the wrong path in life, I’d like to share my philosophy of the purpose of life. Continue Reading →

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