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Back to Black

What is “Back to Black?” Fashion Odds, an online fashion and entertainment bi-monthly magazine established in the Twin Cities, defines Back to Black as reminiscing the history of past momentums that have impacted the present experiences of the 12 influential and empowering African American women. On February 12, 2014, Fashion Odds Minneapolis partnered up with Chris McDuffie Photography and the Minneapolis Beauty Lounge to capture 12 African American women of the Twin Cities in one movement: “Back to Black,” to honor Black History Month 2014.  

Pictured from left to right are Anna Jones (model, actress, host and emcee), Shatona Kilgore Groves (owner of Webb Models and Talent), Coryn Woitel (model), Sherita Moss (model, dancer and actress), Ashley DuBose (singer/songwriter), Sonya Goins (news reporter), Robyn Robinson (news reporter, jewelry designer), Faatemah Ampey (award-winning hair trendsetter), Jasmine Stringer (business development consultant), Ada Johnson (product manager, Target Corporation), Felicia Wright-Palmer (model and Xcel Energy, outdoor lighting) and Judy Justin (co-owner of Eldercare Consultants). Read more about them at  

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Modeling agency offers positive images of women of color

“No one,” highly-skilled veteran actor Lisa Gay Hamilton (Honeydripper, Jackie Brown) told my MSR colleague Charles Hallman for an article on the scarcity of work for Black women, ”is making millions of dollars — maybe one or two…are but the rest of us are struggling to make it work. It’s an awful casting wheel that you would like to get off of. “I graduated from Julliard in 1989. Things have gotten worse since I graduated from school.”

Fact is, there’s more than one or two bagging the biggest paychecks. But, yes, it’s a short list — you’ve got Beyoncé, Halle Berry, Thandie Newton, Kerry Washington, Paula Patton — a lot shorter than the one for men, i.e. the likes of Denzel Washington, Morgan Freeman, Forest Whitaker, Jamie Foxx, Will Smith and more. Continue Reading →

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Agency specializes in models of color — Good looks help, but ‘real people’ are also in demand



By Dwight Hobbes

Contributing Writer


A tried and true quip goes, “The three most important things in retail are location, location and location.” That said, there’s something else that has to run a close second in any business operation: research, research and research. Know what you’re doing. Know your market. Have a solid product and a strong understanding of how to put that product on the market. Accordingly, you have to like founder-director Shatona Kilgore-Groves’ prospects with Webb Models & Talent Agency (, especially if experience counts for anything — which, of course, it certainly does. Continue Reading →

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