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Sister Spokesman Honoring Sisters event

At this month’s Sister Spokesman event held on Saturday, December 6, several women were honored at the Honoring Sisters-themed event. Those honored were, (l-r) Sarah Walker, Christine Free, Dr. Sheronda Orridge, LaVonne Moore, Shirley Jones, Patricia Crumley, Tracey Williams-Dillard, Marguerite Winston-Glover, Luella Williams, Destiny Rose Holliday, Chi Ellis, Pastor Roslyn Harmon (for Rose McGee), Robin Hickman (back), Jacquelyn Thomas (front), Dianne E’laine Moore (front), Nekima Levy-Pounds (back), and Letia Blade.                         

Photo by Emmett Timmons 
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Twin Cities fashions highlighted at Sister Spokesman

Local businesses offered lineup featuring casual to retro styles
Exquisite, impressive, elegant, enlightening and inspiring: These are just a few words to describe the Sister Spokesman Third Annual Fashion Show at the Minnesota Music Cafe on September 6. This year’s emcee was Julie Gartrell of

Fierce Hair & Make Up Lounge. #TEAMFIERCE did the hair and makeup for the show. The show also featured Sandra Young and her business Affordable Elegance Boutique. She offers very affordable high-end items. Her models wore a mix of formal, informal and casual items. Dresses, jeans, boots and jackets headed up this lineup of fashion show options. Continue Reading →

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Sister Spokesman hosts their Third Annual Fashion show


Sister Spokesman hosted its “Third Annual Fashion Show,” on Sat., September 6, at the Minnesota Music Cafe. Below is a profile of three of the boutiques that will be at the event. Affordable Elegance

Sandra Young owns formally Affordable Elegance Consignment Boutique. Young is a former employee of Star Tribune and contributing writer for the Minnesota Spokesman Recorder. In 2006, she left her day job at the Tribune to start her consignment business. Continue Reading →

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Sister Spokesman gives women skills to spice up their relationships

The need to spice up our relationships is something that most of us will experience if we have been in any form of a relationship for any substantial amount of time. To help in this effort of spicing things up, Sister Spokesman is hosting an event on July 12, 2014 at Arnellia’s on University Avenue in St. Paul. Continue Reading →

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Hair it is: Straight or natural, learn to love it

Why does it seem like such a challenge to enjoy our natural abundance of strands growing on top of our heads? Doesn’t it seem odd how we can perpetuate the division amongst Black women down to the very follicle? It’s nearly impossible to make collective cosmetic changes without society and others forcing their social issues into the situation. How we “rock” our hair should not be a political issue, but merely a choice on how one styles one’s hair. Sesame Street gets it with their quote and song, “I REALLY Love my Hair.” That song was conceived by a father who wanted his daughter simply to “love her hair.”

It is true that most Black women have a naturally kinky hair type; some have curls that are more tightly coiled than others. Continue Reading →

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‘Good hair’ is healthy hair

Hats off to the May Sister Spokesman event with the theme of “Loving Your Hair.”  Many women shared the feedback that bringing attention to hair care in that forum was fun, educational, informative and appreciated. I was in the house as well, and the panel had the women engaged, responding to questions from hair history to learning the value of understanding product ingredients going into the body internally and externally, all in pursuit of having healthier hair. Loved that! I have to admit, I was very surprised, yet pleased, that I did not hear anyone comment or ask about “good hair” or “bad hair.” It gives me hope that we are releasing the old tapes and negative stigma of “Afro-textured hair” as being unmanageable, not beautiful, and un-kept. When asked my definition of “good hair” or “bad hair,” I ponder the question each time. Continue Reading →

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Part one: Singer/songwriter explores love, personal experiences on debut solo project



Have you heard Lia Renee Dior sing? If you’ve listened to KMOJ 89.9 lately, chances are you’ve heard the beautiful voice of the Minneapolis-based singer/songwriter singing her songs “Beautiful,” or “Good Morning,” that speak to self-love and self-awareness. Dior has performed at a number of community events around the Twin Cities — including Sister Spokesman, and the Midwest Black History Expo — and you may have even caught her music video featured on the Black Music America (BMA) Network. If this sort of exposure continues, she could be well on her way to becoming an international artist in no time. At 23, she describes herself as a neo-soul/R&B artist, who’s inspired by artists like Jill Scott, Erykah Badu, India Arie, and Lauryn Hill. Continue Reading →

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The Good Wife Works – On soul food




Filmmaker Byron P. Hurt (born 12/31/69) presented his documentary Soul Food Junkies at Macalester College in St. Paul during Black History Month 2013. The film was also shown at the Merriam Park Branch of the St. Paul Public Library during Black History Month, and on PBS. While attending Northeastern University, Hurt decided to discuss his concerns with his father about his father’s health and diet. Continue Reading →

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Entrepreneur turns fetish into business opportunity

Divas in Motion brings unique shoe styles to Twin Cities
By Jamal Denman

Contributing Writer


Divas in Motion is a small, intimate boutique located on the corner of 60th Street and Nicollet Avenue in South Minneapolis. It specializes in offering unique, one-of-a-kind women’s footwear that is not likely to be found anywhere else in the state. Divas in Motion offers limited quantities of fashionable flats, heels, wedges and boots, as well as a warm and friendly atmosphere for every customer they serve.The concept for Divas in Motion came from 29-year-old owner and entrepreneur Tashawna Williams. Williams earned a B.A. in psychology from the University of Wisconsin Whitewater, where she also played basketball and became a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority. The Minneapolis native — who is also the youngest of five siblings — returned to her hometown and became a teacher and mentor. Although she liked the fact that she was teaching and working with youth, Williams still felt like something was missing in her professional life. Continue Reading →

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