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Does Minnesota need a ‘13th’ grade?



By Donald Allen

Contributing Writer


The Minnesota House of Representatives have enacted a bill attempting to establish a “13th” grade pilot project based in north Minneapolis. The bill, H.F. 1149 is part of an education and employability solution for young adults who are unemployed, underemployed and not enrolled in postsecondary education. Co-authored by Senators Jeff Hayden (D-SD 62), Bobby Joe Champion (D-SD 59), Representatives Ray Dehn (D-HD 59B) and Will Morgan (D-SD 56B), the bill is said to potentially impact over 3,000 young adults ages 18-26, placing them on college and career pathways by 2015. It states the commissioner of education shall develop a one-year 13th-grade pilot project, with one site being operated by the Minneapolis Urban League. The “13th” grade proposal is problematic because a one-year pilot program is expected to eradicate generations of educational failures in poor minority communities and the parties involved seem not to understand Minnesota’s employability issues and current status of K-12 education [if any] in the Minneapolis and St. Continue Reading →

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Black women hammering at media’s glass ceiling — Mainstream offers them ‘dismal’ opportunities



By Charles Hallman

Staff Writer


A new study points to a “stubborn gender inequality” affecting females in U.S. media. “The Status of Women in the U.S. Media 2013” study, released in March by the Women’s Media Center (WMC), found that women are seen less often than men on Sunday morning news shows and are often relegated to write “pink topics” such as food

and family stories. The overall employment of women in television newsrooms “remains flat,” according to the study. It also shows that “story framing and descriptions of women still too often fall into lazy stereotypes.”

“A gaping divide” in gender parity exists at both traditional and newer news sites. Male bylines outnumber female bylines by two-thirds “even in coverage of issues of great importance to women,” notes the WMC report. Continue Reading →

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