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Report: Mpls garbage burner already a ‘significant source’ of airborne toxins

Planned expansion would likely increase harm to communities of color
A new report by the Minnesota Public Interest Research Group (MPIRG) shows that if the downtown garbage burner continues with a planned 20 percent increase in the amount of waste being incinerated, it would likely increase harm to low-income communities and communities of color in Minneapolis. Community members and representatives from public health and environmental justice organizations responded quickly with their concerns. “For too long, communities of color and low-income communities have been the dumping ground when it comes to trash and toxins, “ said Karen Monahan, a resident of Minneapolis and an environmental justice activist with the Sierra Club. “The HERC garbage burner is the third largest in the country when it comes to racial disparities. Our children deserve clean air, clean water and good soil to grow food. Continue Reading →

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Youth sports build more than just muscle — Laverne Turner helps students achieve academic success, learn leadership skills



By Jamal Denman

Contributing Writer 


As a youth, local community leader Laverne Turner was heavily involved in organized team sports, and he remembers how positive an impact it had on him growing up. As an adult in 2003, he says he noticed there were no athletic programs for youth in his community, which motivated Turner to develop a sports program for young people in his South Minneapolis Phillips neighborhood — the East Phillips Park Sports Association (EPPSA). To decide which type of sports team to organize, and if there would even be any interest among the kids, Turner surveyed the young people in his neighborhood to get their feedback. “Most kids wanted to play football, so I tried to put together a football team in cooperation with the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board [MPRB] at the time,” Turner says.  

The partnership lasted for a year, and he says it “had some successes. Continue Reading →

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