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Letter to the Editor: Spike Moss: a true hero


I came to Minnesota when I was 16 years old. I am now 50. Spike Moss was in charge of the WAY when I was a teenager. While he never seeks accolades, I think it is important that people know that Spike Moss was instrumental in saving so many youth through his program at the WAY and with the Leo Johnson Drill Team. I have attended funerals where Spike’s influence has been discussed among people my age. Continue Reading →

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It’s time to stand up and shout, ‘No more!’


This is a very trying time for the African Americans in Minneapolis. First let me start off by saying there are two very important things missing that allow this tragedy to happen. First is the love of God at the center of many of our people, and second is the outright hatred of ourselves. I believe we as a people need to get up every day and say, “I like me” and say it until the day we believe it. Then get up every day and say, “I love me.” It is impossible for a Black man to love anyone if he doesn’t love himself first. Continue Reading →

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Activist initiates call to action in MSR — Spike Moss speaks ‘Straight Talk’ to the Black community


By Charles Hallman

Staff Writer



Spike Moss has been long known to speak his mind, and now he lends his voice to the MSR as a regular commentator in his column. The longtime community activist says he has a long laundry list of topics to discuss, such as crime, drug use and violence. Moss predicts his new column called “Straight Talk,” “is going to tell the raw truth to the people so that they understand how to be responsible.” He says it has been “painful” to him seeing too many young Blacks today not value education or participating in voting and working for social change as previous generations did. “I fought for you to carry a pencil, and you put the pencil down for a nine millimeter. I fought for you to carry a book bag, and you put the book bag down and carry a bag of dope. Continue Reading →

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