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Somalis lead the push against racism in “white cloud”

St. Cloud Technical High School

Would St. Cloud, Minnesota (best known and ridiculed as “white cloud”), be more or less pathologically racist without Somali immigrants? Recently, Somali Technical High School students and their supportive parents demonstrated against persistent disregard for race-based assaults, bullying and taunting. Continue Reading →

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St. Cloud: Changing the racist status quo



By Myrle B. Cooper

Contributing Writer


St. Cloud’s frantic “last place aversion” efforts to attract new businesses while diverting attention from its reputation for crime, homophobia, racism, sexism and xenophobia would get standing ovations at the Comedy Store and The Improv. Since St. Cloud’s Area Economic Development Partnership, Chamber of Commerce and mayor, Dave Kleis, have all failed miserably to lure new businesses, they adopted George W. Bush’s advice: “If you can fool some of the people all the time, those are the ones you want to concentrate on.” Evidently, few are fooled. In desperation, Kleis procures tin-cup circulating beggars, carnival sideshow barkers with PowerPoint presentations, and house slaves to fabricate stories about St. Continue Reading →

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