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Black America’s worst campaign — ever!



By Demetairs Bell

Guest Commentator


In 2004, a group of young Black men in Baltimore, Maryland championed a cause that would grant certain individuals the freedom to indulge in criminal activity with the expectation of silence from the Black community. This campaign gained national attention when the DVD “Stop Snitchin’” found its way into the hands of the FBI. In the DVD there are participants in the illegal drug trade that openly brag about their sheer acts of violence, terrorism and intimidation against anyone who would inform authorities of their activities in an effort to get lighter sentences for their own criminal behavior. At one point in the footage a participant summed things up by stating, “Snitches get stitches.” This campaign also became a very profitable venture with the selling of t-shirts at mom & pop stores across the country that displayed the slogan “Stop Snitchin’.”

For decades, a wedge of mistrust and contrasting perspectives has existed between some law enforcement officials and the Black community. Law enforcement officials are baffled and often frustrated by the lack of cooperation from the Black community when crimes occur. Continue Reading →

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