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We must produce the schools Minneapolis needs



By Bernadeia H. Johnson, Ed.D.

Guest Commentator


Our world has been changing at a pace that most of us struggle to comprehend. It is full of products and services that simply did not exist a few years ago. We now engage one another through video calls and instant messages and social media. We shop from our laptop and bank through our smart phone. We expect the information we want to be available when we want it. Continue Reading →

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Reform is working for our schools



This column was written with Alberto Monserrate, chair of the Minneapolis Board of Education.  

As leaders of the Minneapolis Public Schools (MPS), we are often surprised but pleased by the number of people who fervently follow the ebbs and flows of teacher contract talks. We need more people paying attention to the critical issues pertaining to public education in our country. While reading articles, blog posts and editorials, we sometimes wonder if people truly understand the complexities of our work. Education reform: What does that really mean? Continue Reading →

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Make your voice heard through the MPS annual survey



Dear MPS partners and friends,

It has been said — and I firmly believe — that education is the greatest civil rights issue of our time. I also believe that education is our greatest opportunity to eradicate the inequities that exist in our communities. The right for every individual in our community to access a high-quality public education is a reflection of our values, our foresight and our commitment to our economic future. My vision is for all students who graduate from the Minneapolis Public Schools to be college and career ready. A child’s education must start the day he or she is born and must continue beyond the day that his or her graduation cap is tossed in the air. Continue Reading →

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Time to choose the right school for your children’s success


Dear families,
This is an exciting time of year. Teachers and students are settling back in their classrooms after winter break and have important work ahead in the last semester of the school year. Our kindergarten students are striving to meet literacy goals, MCA-II tests are right around the corner, and many of our students are preparing to start a new phase of their academic careers. Fifth-grade students are preparing to enter middle school, eighth-grade students are preparing to enter high school, and our high school seniors are preparing for college and career paths. Each day, our students are gaining an urban education experience as they prepare to become global citizens. Continue Reading →

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The best gift for our students: supporting their education



As we enter the holiday season and the season of giving, I wanted to reach out to our families and friends in Minneapolis. The best gift that a child can receive is your support in his or her pursuit of a high-quality education experience. There is nothing more important than preparing students to be successful. I see the future leaders of Minneapolis and our world in the bright eyes and intelligence of our students. The most essential factor driving student achievement is the effectiveness of classroom teachers. Continue Reading →

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