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March graduation rate madness



A quick prediction for this year’s NCAAs — Black male basketball players’ graduation rates will remain virtually unchanged. While nearly everyone is filling out their brackets, the Institute for Diversity and Ethics in Sport (TIDES) released on Monday its annual study on the academic performance of the players in the NCAA Division I tournament teams. The study’s primary author, TIDES Director Dr. Richard Lapchick, compares the graduation rate data of Black and White male basketball student-athletes.  

“There is not much good news to report as almost every category examined remained the same or got worse,” wrote Lapchick. The women teams’ report was released Tuesday. A more detailed analysis will be in next week’s “Another View” in the MSR print edition. Continue Reading →

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Nelson Mandela was both Malcolm and Martin

Nelson Mandela, the icon who led the emancipation of South Africa from White minority rule and became South Africa’s first Black president, was both Malcolm X and Martin Luther King, Jr. He was an emblem of dignity and abstention. Imagine being jailed for 27 years, being humiliated and treated like dirt, and having your friends murdered systematically. Yet his incredible sense of purpose and strength is a lesson for a lifetime. I remember years ago meeting a man in flight who is not Black and has since become a friend. He was born in South Africa, finished school, and voted for Mandela for president. Continue Reading →

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2012 NCAA changes for women’s and men’s basketball


By Charles Hallman
Staff Writer
Among the items to be discussed at the NCAA Convention in January is a proposal to help grow women’s college basketball. The Division I Women’s Basketball Committee has been gathering information from conferences and others as to whether to move the Women’s Final Four a week after the men’s. The women once played on Fridays and Sundays in virtually obscurity, as the men’s championship semifinals and finals that are played on Saturday and Monday routinely overshadow their female counterparts. And although the Women’s Final Four has been played on a Sunday-Tuesday format since 2003, it still doesn’t get maximum nonstop coverage as the men’s does. Not only is moving the semis and finals being examined, but also how it would impact dates and locations of future conference tournaments and regular season games, as well as practice dates and recruiting, wrote Greg Johnson in an story. Continue Reading →

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