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Overcoming barriers to employment

Over the last several decades, the number of Minnesotans throughout the state with some type of a criminal record has increased to an estimated one million, or one in five. Some estimates put it even higher. Minnesota has the eighth highest percentage in the nation of its citizens incarcerated or currently on some type of supervision — in 1982 it was one in 98, in 2013 it was one in 26. Many Minnesotans are turned away from employment for which they are qualified even though their record may be unrelated to the job. In addition to this are the high racial disparities in Minnesota’s criminal justice system, combined with racial disparities in other areas of opportunity that make the impact of these records particularly devastating for African American, Latino, and Native American job-seekers. Continue Reading →

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Motivate yourself to achieve in the workplace

Years ago, I took a course on how to develop supervision skills in new managers. During one lecture, the professor stated that employees are not motivated by money. This philosophy was foreign to me, as it did not resonate with my desires or my motivators. This revelation prompted me to do a literature search and ask people about what motivates them to excel.  As you can imagine, the responses were as varied as the people. To be motivated is to feel inspired and excited and to look forward to doing something. Continue Reading →

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Job renewal could be easier than you think

Years ago, I heard about a way to reinvent your job and improve job satisfaction without quitting to find a new one. The method is called “job novation.” Job novation is based on the legal term “novation.”

A novation is when someone is in a contractual agreement with another, and a third party is added to fulfill the contract requirements for one of the parties. In other words, you delegate your agreement criteria to someone else to fulfill. You, however, are still liable and responsible for seeing that the contract criteria are met. A job novation is a way to restructure your current job so that it is more rewarding to you. Continue Reading →

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Skills for your future: What every employer wants you to have

In her book, HER Corner Office: A guide to help women find a place and a voice in corporate America, author Trudy Bourgeois offers time-tested career development advice to women at any stage in their career. Below are excerpts from the book, which highlights skill sets that every employer looks for when hiring:

What will it take to get to the top? It will take competency, skill and passion. Competencies and skills are developed through experience. Passion, on the other hand, is what is inside of you and drives your interest in developing the skills needed to climb the ladder. Continue Reading →

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Phasing Out: the new way to retire

As an HR business partner, I have noticed how many employees were opting to gradually move toward retirement rather than immediate retirement. Over the years, I have seen many of my peers experience uncertainty when closing this chapter. Gradually closing this phase of life or transitioning out of the workforce seems to alleviate much of this angst. This phasing out or transitioning out of the workforce is commonly called a phased-out retirement. Phased-out retirements are a broad range of employment arrangements that allow an employee who is approaching retirement age to continue working with a reduced workload and eventually transition from full-time work to full-time retirement. Continue Reading →

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Twelve questions to take into 2014

 What’s so good about you?  

Recently, I searched through my library for tips on creating the perfect “elevator speech.” An elevator speech is a brief delivery of memorable facts about yourself. Typically, the elevator speech is given to someone you want to impress, but you rarely encounter them except for the occasional elevator ride. Many of us have said or thought, “I got on the elevator with the chairman and didn’t know what to say. It was my big chance, and I blew it!” Or, “I was in a meeting and the head of another division asked me my name. Continue Reading →

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Taking Charge of Your Career: a book review

In Taking Charge of Your Career by Leigh Bailey, the author outlines tips for making your current job more satisfying and setting future career goals. Taking Charge of Your Career is a workbook that gives the reader practical tools, a roadmap, and support for finding satisfying work. The workbook is an easy read, has stretch assignments and addresses topics such as career fundamentals, how to write a job renewal plan, learning about your work self, assessing your current job, career options for transitioners, and the challenge of change. A consistent theme throughout the Taking Charge of Your Career Workbook is that we are ultimately responsible for our career or job satisfaction. While it is in the best interest of organizations to assist employees on this journey, we must do the work to define and create satisfying work for ourselves. Continue Reading →

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Strategies for developing leaders of color in the workplace

Recently, I participated in a discussion on how to develop leaders of color in today’s workplace environment. While times have certainly changed, there are some strategies and tips that have been time-tested, and each yields opportunities for professional success. In addition, when one finds fulfilling work, it is easier to withstand established obstacles that many people of color face in the advancement of their careers. According to the website “The Multicultural Advantage,” a website designed to help minorities excel in the workplace, below are several strategies that should be put into action if one desires to move into the executive ranks at work.  

Create an adaptable strategic plan for success 

Do not sit passively waiting to be noticed or for opportunities to drop in your lap. Continue Reading →

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Diversify your job search


Let’s begin by examining our job-searching mindset. Successful job seekers think one way, unsuccessful ones think another. What is the difference? In today’s marketplace, it is no longer enough to think of oneself as a mere commodity hoping to be purchased by some company for a fair price. That is the approach of the unsuccessful job seeker. Continue Reading →

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