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After speaking about education, John Legend gives brief performance



By Charles Hallman

Staff Writer


The first time I saw and heard John Legend live was during a one-song performance at a Super Bowl eve concert in Detroit in 2006. He then sang his breakout hit “Ordinary People” pretty straight to the vest. The second time was a bit longer than the first, but not better. Unlike the song’s “Take it slow” refrain, the nine-time Grammy Award winner acted more like he had a plane to catch with his subdued 25-minute-barely performance at St. Paul’s Fitzgerald Theatre May 22. Continue Reading →

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You can always do the right thing


As we enter the season when folks think about peace and goodwill toward all, I am struck by the many times folks have an opportunity to make a difference to actually change things — or at least make a dent in injustice — but when they are confronted with the opportunity, they pass. Everyone on some level, I believe, knows that we live in a society and in a world that is desperately in need of change. Our society in particular is clearly in need of more love and concern and compassion. Most people want to see their neighbors do well. I think it’s safe to say that most folks think that people should be able to eat, have clean drinking water, shelter, clothing and work that provides a sufficient living as well as dignity. Continue Reading →

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