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North Minneapolis mayoral forum disappoints community members



By Helen Duritsa

Contributing Writer


When DeVon Nolen asked her question on food justice at the October 8 mayoral candidate forum at Folwell Park, she expected them to answer. But the 10 candidates recited stock phrases from their print literature. She was disappointed and frustrated with them all. “I asked a multi-layered, multi-textured question,” said Nolen, a community activist and lifelong resident of the North Side. “I asked about food justice. Continue Reading →

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Former State Rep. candidate talks about Black leadership

Terra Cole says MN ‘good old boys’ political structure not supportive of women
By Charles Hallman

Staff Writer


Is there a generational gap in local Black leadership? When recently asked, Terra Cole pointed out that she believes there is. With Minneapolis elections fast approaching, the MSR spoke with Cole for her perspective on the obstacles to becoming an elected official considering her 2011 run for the Minnesota State House District 59B seat. Cole said that there are two main reasons for the present generational gap. “There is a significant difference in the opportunities in the area of mentorship and knowledge transfer for people in my age group [persons who are in their 30s],” she pointed out. Continue Reading →

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