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Terrance Terrell Franklin’s police-shooting death — Many questions remain unanswered



Terrance Terrell Franklin died at the hands of the Minneapolis police in the basement of a home at 2717 Bryant Avenue South, Minneapolis at approximately 3:30 pm, Friday, May 10. Questions are being asked about the circumstances of his death and the pitched battle alleged in different police versions, including hand-to-hand combat with a K-9 and then with five highly trained officers of a SWAT (Special Weapons And Tactics) team. We raise these questions on May 13 — four days after the shooting — that we hope will eventually be raised by other media:

• What were the real reasons that Mr. Franklin was stopped and questioned after he hit the rear of Squad Car #520? • What really happened during the foot chase after the stop? • What happened when police entered the home at 2717 Bryant Avenue South after being told by the owner that a man was breaking in, had broken in, or was burglarizing his home? Continue Reading →

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