Terrance Terrill Franklin

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A great injustice: the death of T.T. Franklin

Why another farce of a police report?  
When the police version of the circumstances surrounding their May 10, 2013 basement shooting death of Terrance Terrill Franklin was published September 26, 2013, so-called leaders, Black and White, seemed to finally breathe a sigh of relief. Since writing four 2013 columns on Mr. Franklin’s death (May 22 and 29, June 12 and June 19), I have waited to see how protesters and defenders alike would express their opinions. Were opinions expressed truly passionate or just merit badges of protest or defense to wear in public and do nothing else? These protest and defense rituals have been too long the routines in this city and cities across the country. Continue Reading →

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Unanswered questions still cloud police shooting of T.T. Franklin


The Star Tribune’s headline of May 18, 2013: “Sources: Burglary suspect fired shots that injured Minneapolis Officers.” What about the shots that killed the “suspect,” Terrance Terrill Franklin? Why, when surrounded by five SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactics) officers and a K-9 unit dog, was he not tasered instead? How could he so easily wound two Minneapolis police officers with one of their own guns? I’m as puzzled as others, and, like them, raise obvious questions the Star Tribune does not raise or address. We wonder who “the sources” are for the Star Tribune. Continue Reading →

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