Terrence Franklin

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Justice demands action — not cowardice excuse making








I am amazed at the amount of cowardice that exists in our community. No doubt we are cowardly! I’m not being too hard. Does anyone really believe that the system that continues to allow injustice and inequality is just going to sit back and let people oppose it without fighting back? And they don’t have to come after you with their uniformed minions. Continue Reading →

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Terrance Franklin’s death demands justice



The recent killing of Terrence Franklin by Minneapolis police by shooting him in the back of the head five times and in the back twice fits the pattern of police abuse of their powers. Those of us who have been around or haven’t been lulled to sleep by talk of color blindness in our society know in our hearts that on occasion the cops abuse Black people in general and people of color in specific. We don’t know exactly what happened in that South Minneapolis basement, but I do know that the story the cops slipped to the Minneapolis Star Tribune does not make sense. It’s one of the most contrived and imaginative of all the grand and tall tales cops have spun to try to make their crimes sound reasonable. In other words, they are lying! Continue Reading →

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