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Janis Lane-Ewart leaves KFAI — Station struggles to increase online and airwave audiences




By Sheila Regan

Contributing Writer



As if to complete the trifecta, this week Janis Lane-Ewart became the third female executive director of a Twin Cities community media institution to leave her position, following Pam Colby from MTN and Jane Minton from IFP. Lane-Ewart, who had been the executive director of KFAI since 2001 (and host of the jazz program “The Collective Eye” before that) oversaw the organization during a transformative time for community radio stations, during which the station has become not just about transmitting over the airwaves, but also about connecting to people through the web and social media. On its website, KFAI, which was founded 35 years ago at Walker Community Church and now is based on the West Bank in Minneapolis, states that Pam Hill Kroyer, now in her 13th year with the organization, has been appointed acting executive director for the immediate future. During Lane-Ewart’s tenure, the organization has become more diverse. Part of her legacy has been the implementation of Youth News, which gives young people an opportunity to gain skills and have their voices heard. Continue Reading →

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Janis Lane-Ewart: Twin Cities’ only Black female station manager

KFAI expands audience though Somali-oriented programming, social media

By Charles Hallman

Staff Writer

Music always has been a part of Janis Lane-Ewart’s life; rhythm and blues was the norm in her home while growing up in Chicago. Although her aspirations initially were to pursue law, and Lane-Ewart studied political science in college, she eventually became an administrator for Chicago Music Collective. When Lane-Ewart relocated in 1989 to the Twin Cities, she worked with a local arts organization. But then the proverbial “phone” rang and her career changed directions. “The radio business called me,” she recalls of her first foray into radio when she became a volunteer at KFAI Radio to host a weekly jazz program. Continue Reading →

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