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Safe Harbor bill protects youth from being victimized twice

No Wrong Door gives sexually exploited children support, not punishment



News Analysis

By Dwight Hobbes

Contributing Writer


Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton, signed the Safe Harbor for Sexually Exploited Youth Act into law in 2011; it will take effect in 2014. This bill officially identifies and treats trafficked children and adolescents as crime victims, not criminals. Legislation to amend the bill, utilizing the “No Wrong Door” model, is now before lawmakers to put teeth in the original edict. The Safe Harbor for Sexually Exploited Youth Act, according to a press release issued by the Minnesota Human Trafficking Task Force, the Family Partnership, and the Women’s Foundation of Minnesota, “charged the state departments of Public Safety, Human Services and Health with the task of convening diverse experts, including law enforcement personnel, prosecutors, public defenders, service providers, advocates, survivors of sex trafficking and others to create a comprehensive prevention and intervention model to successfully implement the Safe Harbor Act.” After a year and a half of convening, diverse experts put No Wrong Door before the legislature this past January. There are, in all of Minnesota, only four beds to shelter sexually trafficked girls and none for sexually trafficked boys — a tragic reality No Wrong Door is being advanced to address. Continue Reading →

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Conference offers help to heal Black men


Mental health professionals  learn about the need to address  historical trauma


By Dwight Hobbes

Contributing Writer


“Trauma Informed Approach: Engaging African American Men” examines the social dilemma of what, perceptibly, is wrong with Black men. In an enlightening, three-hour session, Samuel Simmons, LADC, looked at chronic problems and proposed viable solutions. Cultural competence. It’s one of those psychobabble catch phrases psychologists, social workers and others in the business of behavioral counseling love to throw around to sound up to date on cutting-edge concepts dealing with people of color, right before they launch into a litany of five-dollar words to legitimize fancy notions that would sail right over the heads of the clients whose interests they claim to be invested in serving. Enter Samuel Simmons, who provides expert counseling, education and advocacy at The Family Partnership, presented a down-to-earth, comprehensive talk at the event Community Empowerment Through Black Men Healing Wellness Conference on June 21. Continue Reading →

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