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Like father, not like son: George Wilcken Romney vs. W. Mitt Romney



As I watch all of the millions of dollars pour into the negative campaign ads on television on both side of the aisle, I wonder what would happen if both candidates just had a meeting with each other and said, ”Let’s just stop all of this negativity and pool these dollars and put our constituents back to work and let the chips fall where they may. Let the folk decide who the leader of our free world should be.”

Since I turned 76 years old July 10, and since the Republicans could care less about what I think, I may as well just shut up and write my story. Well, I will take a portion of that remark back. There is one Republican in this town who cares about what we think, and that is Sheriff Rich Stanek. (He is the only Republican my family allows me to vote for.)

But my story is about the honesty of a Republican father and the deception of his Republican son. Continue Reading →

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