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GLBT characters of color on the big and small screens


It’s hard enough finding straight people of color — including Black folk — on TV and film, never mind non-hetero depictions. Here’s a thumbnail sketch roundup of positive portrayals. In the interest of being thankful for small favors, let us acknowledge that pitiful as it is, some progress has been made. True Blood, the HBO hit pitting vampires versus werewolves with humans stuck in the middle, against a rural Louisiana backdrop, saw a gay Black man not only as a principal character, but also one with strong dimension. Nelsan Ellis (who, by the by, plays Martin Luther King, Jr. in 2013’s The Butler) plays pragmatic hard-a** with a heart of gold Lafayette Reynolds. Continue Reading →

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Recognition of Black women in American film industry still the exception, not the rule


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Dwight Hobbes

You really have to wonder whether Black women are ever going to get from the American film industry the break they have long since earned, which is to say it’s gravely doubtful. White men who wield the power don’t show any signs of doing anything of the kind. Nor do White women. Not even the liberated liberal ones who just love to strut around as living breathing examples of social progress and always seem to have a special Black girlfriend on-call to trot out at upscale parties and other see-and-be-seen social events. Black men in the business, they, generally speaking, are just plain sorry when it comes to holding the same door for Black women that they themselves walked through when it was grudgingly opened. Continue Reading →

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Movies, Media & More – The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency DVD box set makes an excellent gift


The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency DVD box set makes an excellent gift

By Dwight Hobbes


The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency (HBO) is exactly why DVD is a great invention. You can plant yourself in front of the television, enjoy this box set half to death, then, when it’s over, grab some more snacks out of the kitchen and play the whole thing all over again. Holiday shopping hint. Continue Reading →

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