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Even back in New York, Keith could not escape Lesli’s reach


The only thing Keith hated worse than taking off in an airplane was touching back down in one. He’d done this dozens of times but still couldn’t get used to it. As the ground got bigger and drew closer, Keith wondered, every single time, what would happen if they don’t put the brakes on in time. They did, of course, put the brakes on in time. Every time. Continue Reading →

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GLBT characters of color on the big and small screens


It’s hard enough finding straight people of color — including Black folk — on TV and film, never mind non-hetero depictions. Here’s a thumbnail sketch roundup of positive portrayals. In the interest of being thankful for small favors, let us acknowledge that pitiful as it is, some progress has been made. True Blood, the HBO hit pitting vampires versus werewolves with humans stuck in the middle, against a rural Louisiana backdrop, saw a gay Black man not only as a principal character, but also one with strong dimension. Nelsan Ellis (who, by the by, plays Martin Luther King, Jr. in 2013’s The Butler) plays pragmatic hard-a** with a heart of gold Lafayette Reynolds. Continue Reading →

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Idris Elba: Versatile actor shines in sci-fi/fantasy films




By Charles Hallman

Staff Writer


Idrissa Akuna “Idris” Elba recently won a Golden Globe award for his starring performance as Detective John Luther in the BBC television show Luther. Luther “is a great character,” says Elba in a phone interview with the MSR. “It was very exciting for me to get the recognition.”

Born in Hackney, London, England, as the only child to a father from Sierra Leone and a mother from Ghana, Elba shorted his given name at school and started his career in his early 20s, beginning in 1997 in a British soap opera. Since then, he has appeared in nearly 60 big and small screen roles both in Britain and America. He’s played an egotistical mega-church preacher (The Gospel), a single father fighting for his children (Daddy’s Little Girls), a prodigal eldest son (This Christmas) and a drug lord named Stringer in HBO’s The Wire. Asked about his trying-to-be-faithful husband performance, playing opposite Beyoncé in Obsessed (2009), “It was great working with Beyoncé. Continue Reading →

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