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Homelessness, once temporary, now chronic

Programs serving the homeless  have dug in for the long haul

News Analysis

By Dwight Hobbes

Contributing Writer


Increasingly, homelessness has grown from being a temporary problem to being a chronic condition all across America. The cause is multi-pronged. Mortgage New Daily reported on June 1, “Predatory lending practices can leave victims homeless and defeated, stripped of self-respect and hope, their credit ruined.” The National Coalition for the Homeless states, “There were 342,038 foreclosure filings on U.S. properties in April 2009, a 32 percent increase compared with foreclosures in April 2008.”

Unemployment has steadily worsened with six million jobs having been lost since the recession began. Substance abuse, mental illness and domestic violence contribute as well. Landlords, responding to the nation’s financial crisis, avail themselves of the option to sell their buildings to developers who, in turn, invest in gentrification, pricing all but the most comfortably well off out of a home. Continue Reading →

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