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One man’s battle against illiteracy

A. J. Briscoe shares his life-changing lesson on the value of reading
By Dwight Hobbes

Contributing Writer 

The MSR has, of late, had the opportunity to report on education as empowerment with profiles on Carolyn Smallwood and educator-motivational-speaker Daphne Brown. Continuing this coverage, consider A. J. Briscoe, author, entrepreneur, orator, and prison literacy advocate. Briscoe applies energized commitment to an age-old tenet that reliably has seen African America through, over the eons, prevailing against slavery, segregationist subjugation, and today’s covert discrimination. After all, no one can enslave a free mind. It’s an elemental concept well proven. Putting forth the principle, he states that, in order to succeed, one must read, starting at but by no means limited to youth. Accordingly he established an initiative accessible at his website — www.tosucceedyoumustread.com — at which viewers can peruse a veritable panorama of options for those who are literacy challenged. Continue Reading →

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