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Money is the reason incarceration policies won’t change

 By Naomi Gaines
Contributing Writer
I am writing in response to the editorial piece by Lowell Oates entitled “Questions for Commissioner of Corrections Tom Roy.” It was in the issue May 29 — June 4, 2014. I know I’m not the one you were hoping to respond to your article, but I felt ablazed by your wonderfully written and provocative article. Although you posed these questions to the commissioner of corrections, Tom Roy, I will give you the “real” reason as to why things will remain the same. Further, I will argue as to why those two policies, 106.202 and 206.101, will have trouble being activated. The answer is simple: money. Continue Reading →

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Questions for Commissioner of Department Of Corrections Tom Roy

By Lovell Oates

Contributing Writer


1. With over 600 people in the County jails, why haven’t you re-activated Department of Corrections (DOC) policy 106.202 (Good Time) and make it retro-active for everyone that has completed all their mandates and directives? 2. Why not let inmates who have been incarcerated 10 years on their sentence with no more than seven years until their scheduled release date (SRD), and that are able to have proof of a job and a stable residence, completed all directives and mandates, completed at least two DOC programs or educational programs such as completing a GED, A.A., A.A.S., or technical certificates, be released on home monitoring under DOC policy, which doesn’t stipulate an amount of time? Also, the inmate would be able to pay for the monitoring (DOC policy 206.101). Continue Reading →

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Family contact with prisoners known to reduce re-offending

Community asks commissioner to remove obstacles to such contact
By Raymond Jackson
Contributing Writer


On April 24, Reverend Jerry McAfee of New Salem Baptist Church hosted an event introducing Minnesota Department of Corrections Commissioner Tom Roy and his staff to a listening audience greatly affected by the rules, regulations and policies of Minnesota correctional facilities. This was an audience whose cultural base is four percent of Minnesota’s population, yet from their community comes 50 percent of Minnesota’s incarcerated population: African Americans. The top three areas of concern were:

• a 10 percent increase in the surcharge applied to money sent to inmates,

• visitation and family contact, and

• educational opportunities for those incarcerated. Reverend McAfee, in his introduction and welcome, stated, “Our goal tonight is to get some information, to all of us, that tells exactly what the Department of Corrections does. Normally when we deal with the Department of Corrections it is from a negative perspective. Continue Reading →

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Community forum to address prison issues

State corrections commissioner expected to participate
By Charles Hallman

Staff Writer


Minnesota Corrections Department Commissioner Tom Roy is expected to attend a community forum on prison issues this week. He accepted an invitation from a local advocacy group, says the group’s founder. “It’s about educating the community, hoping to raise awareness and dismiss preconceived notions of what’s going on,” says Sharon Brooks of the April 24 two-hour forum scheduled for 6 pm at New Salem Baptist Church. Brooks started Peace of Hope, a group that helps people with family members in prison. “I don’t think a lot of people know what’s going on,” she said. Continue Reading →

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A community meeting with the MN Department of Corrections Commissioner




New Salem Missionary Baptist Church and Peace of Hope welcome the entire community and the Department of Corrections Commissioner Tom Roy to a community meeting on Thursday, April 24, 2014, from 6 – 8 pm.  This historical event will be held at New Salem Missionary Baptist Church, 2507 Bryant Avenue North, Minneapolis. For more information, contact Peace of Hope at 612-220-4678. Continue Reading →

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