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Students tour southern Black colleges

St. Paul church celebrates 10 years of HBCU campus visits
By Dr. Mitchell Palmer McDonald

Contributing Writer

Last month, St. Paul’s Progressive Baptist Church (PBC) sent 68 youth on a tour to visit seven Historical Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) in the South. PBC is celebrating their 10th anniversary in providing youth with educational opportunities that instill an appreciation for their heritage, culture and aspirations to pursue higher education after high school. Students from 31 schools took part in the tour along with two nurses, one photographer, one security person and 16 chaperones. Continue Reading →

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Billy Cobham’s Spectrum 40 Tour stops at the Dakota



By Charles Hallman

Staff writer


The energy he displayed during a recent show in town truly belies Billy Cobham’s age. The 69-year-old jazz fusion drummer has been on the road with his Spectrum 40 tour.  “We have been accelerating as we went along. We started in St. Petersburg [Florida] then went to Atlanta; up to Seattle, down to Portland then on to to Albuquerque . . Continue Reading →

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