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Shá Cage solo theatrical debut examines the N word through women’s eyes


In Twin Cities spoken word, a field glutted with grandstanding hacks, gifted veteran Shá  Cage is an exception that proves the proverbial rule. Nine out of 10 alleged artists are antagonistic, interminably posturing, self-congratulatory frauds who expect a standing ovation for breathing while Black, substituting a lousy attitude for having something to say. Cage, with her album Amber People (Tru Ruts/Speakeasy Records) and scores of guest appearances throughout Minneapolis and St. Paul, not to mention internationally from Africa to Europe to England and elsewhere, refreshingly deals in authenticity, a sure hand for the craft and messages of self-empowerment. Accordingly, her solo debut, N.I.G.G.E.R., was a welcome premiere at Intermedia Arts (March 7 – 10), ably directed by e. g. bailey, her husband and partner at Minnesota Spoken Word Association and Tru Ruts Endeavors, and enjoyed a sold-out run. Continue Reading →

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Da Black Pearll shines in the local spoken word scene

Da Black Pearll, née Tinitha Warren, has been building a strong reputation for prose-poetry with an uncompromising womanist bent and a flair for ingenious wordplay.  

It’s no mean feat to prevail in the Twin Cities spoken word scene. Seems about everyone with an attitude and access to open mic night at one venue or other holds forth, glutting the scene in a bottleneck of poseurs pretending to wax profound. So, you have to give it to Da Black Pearll, née Tinitha Warren. She has slugged it out in the trenches over at least the past decade, building a strong reputation for prose-poetry with an uncompromising womanist bent and a flair for ingenious wordplay. Continue Reading →

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