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Twins ballpark temps rally for better pay and working conditions

NOC rally with workers on September 23, (front row (l-r) Sondra Jones and Anthony Newby

The Minneapolis City Council last week approved funding for a study to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour as well as a proposed ordinance to help protect minimum-wage workers, including “predictability pay” for employees if their work schedule changes, cancels or shortens with less than 24 hours’ notice. The council’s actions may have been influenced by labor unrest at the downtown Twins stadium.
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Being ‘the Only One’ can render one invisible




The little boy in the 1974 movie Claudine told James Earl Jones’ character that he wanted to be invisible. When asked why, the frustrated youngest son of Diahann Carroll’s character simply replied that since his older siblings regularly ignore him, he might just as well be invisible. This reporter can easily relate to that boy, because I too am invisible — but not because I want to be. When I became a reporter in the mid-1970s, I reluctantly accepted the experience of being snubbed as some so-called rite of passage, of paying my media dues. However, five decades-plus later, I am still getting cold shoulders too often from persons who aren’t half my age or experience and who couldn’t spell “journalist” without help from a computerized spell check. Continue Reading →

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