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Hope for hip hop: Local students make The Next Move

High School for the Recording Arts gives academia an undercurrent of artistry

By Dwight Hobbes

Contributing Writer


Visiting the High School for Recording Arts (HSRA) isn’t for the faint of heart. Your senses are bombarded as soon as you set foot in the door by adolescent energy pretty much rampant. Teenagers wind through corridors, racing up and down stairwells at full throttle and generally at the top of their considerably healthy lungs. Call it contained, if not quite fully controlled chaos. All of which makes it a perfect place to focus this force toward a profoundly productive end: academia cum artistry. Continue Reading →

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U Have the Right sounds the alarm on teen rape


Ages ago, 2002 to be exact, I had the opportunity to review U Have the Right, a remarkable recording from HSRA (High School for the Recording Arts), Another LevelRecords and Forward Recordings. Financed in the main by Cornerstone (www.cornerstonemn.org), the Minnesota Lynx and Verizon Wireless, it hit me square between the eyes with something for which I was not the least bit ready. Rape, prevalent as it is among adults, had indeed made an impression, prompting me to write commentaries. For some reason, though, teen rape hadn’t crossed my mind until this disc landed on my desk. I guess, walking down the street, I just looked at adolescents, saw boys bristling with brash energy, fully convinced they run the world, kept going and, by the time I hit the corner, had my mind on something else. Continue Reading →

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