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Lessons learned from unemployment


Layoffs! Layoffs! Layoffs! There’s a word that corporate America has gotten very used to.

Even though layoffs have become somewhat of a fact of life, it is still something that many people simply can’t accept. That was the case for the major layoff that happened to Target in March of this year. It seemed like the entire state of Minnesota actually felt the loss at Target, a company that went from being the top employer in the state to cutting numerous jobs within hours. Continue Reading →

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Record number of former workers without benefits


With no federal unemployment insurance and rapidly disappearing state coverage, the percentage of people benefiting from unemployment insurance is at its lowest level in more than three decades, according to a report by According to the Economic Policy Institute (EPI), a Washington, D.C.-based think tank focused on low- and middle-income families. Continue Reading →

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Stadium equity plan not yet a reality

Is a 32 percent people-of-color workforce goal overly optimistic?  
News Analysis

By Mel Reeves

Contributing Writer


The plans are in full swing for the new $975 million Vikings stadium. And yet again many in the Black community hold out hope that the economic stimulus the stadium promises to provide will benefit them as well. Unemployment in the Black community continues to remain high. In fact, in the last quarter of 2012 unemployment in North Minneapolis hovered around 22 percent. Continue Reading →

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What has President Obama done for Blacks?

Affordable Care Act, HBCU investment top some advocates’ lists

By Charles Hallman

Staff Writer


Since Barack Obama took office four years ago as the first Black president in U.S. history, he has been criticized by many Blacks for not doing enough for the Black community. The MSRspoke with an author and political leaders who say the political sound bites that list the president’s accomplishments are not being captured. “I think much of the criticism on the president is unfair, and I think part of my job is that we get the information out there in the community on what the president has done. He doesn’t get enough credit on things he has done, and [for things that] have directly benefited the African American community,” states Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter, who also is U.S. Conference of Mayors president. “This president has put more money in Historically Black Colleges than other presidents before him have,” says National Congress of Black Women, Inc. President E. Faye Williams on the Obama administration’s investment in HBCUs. Continue Reading →

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