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Your work self: values at work

Introducing a new column from a longtime MSR contributor



Now that you have started the journey toward self-sufficiency, you need to identify your values at work. Values are conditions and attributes which we consider necessary to our well-being and on-the-job satisfaction. When we think of what we value, words such as family, time and love often come to mind. When we think of what we value at work, compensation, salary, benefits, achievement and recognition are some words that come to mind. As you begin to identify what you value, ask yourself the following questions:


Why do I want to work? Continue Reading →

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City’s ‘Vision, Values, Goals & Strategic Directions’ open to public comment

By Charles Hallman

Staff Writer


The public has until March 14 to submit comments on the City of Minneapolis’ proposed “Vision, Values, Goals & Strategic Directions” plan. If adopted — the City Council hopes to vote on it March 26 — the proposal will emphasize such “values” as “equity, “engaging the community,” and “building public trust.”

The stated “goals” are expected to focus on economic needs; eliminating racial inequities in housing, education, income and health; and creating a “City government [that] runs well and connects to the community it serves.”

Councilmember Elizabeth Glidden said last month during a noontime community meeting that the plan fits in with the OUR MPLS vision and agenda, which includes a citywide racial and economic equity impact framework. Three public meetings were held around the city to inform citizens and hear comments, and according to a City official an estimated 70 persons showed up. When later asked how many persons who attended were Black and other people of color, Deputy City Coordinator Jay Stroebel told the MSR that “the majority” of the estimated 20 people who attended a March 3 meeting

were of color. Councilman Abdi Warsame also announced that 22 seniors attended a March 4 meeting in his ward. Continue Reading →

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