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Division I hoops: big gap between number of Black players & coaches



Mike D’Antoni will begin coaching the Los Angeles Lakers, a couple of weeks removed from former coach Mike Brown’s firing. Brown’s untimely dismissal after five games this season, and a lockout-shortened 2012 campaign last season, prompts the following question:

Are Black coaches put on a shorter patience leash than their White counterparts? The Lakers players reportedly didn’t like Brown’s Princeton offense. “The pros are set up for two or three passes that go to your main guy, who is going to get you the majority of shots,” explains U-M Assistant Coach Vince Taylor, a former Minnesota Timberwolves assistant coach. “The Princeton is more equal opportunity to keep the floor spread…backdoor passes, and I think it just didn’t fit the Lakers because [guard Steve] Nash has to have the ball for the pick-and-roll. Continue Reading →

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Clinic helps hoops officials polish their craft







By Charles Hallman

Staff Writer


Last weekend at Tubby Smith’s team camp at Minnesota’s Williams Arena, we got five perspectives on what makes a good basketball official from a former championship head coach, a longtime assistant coach who played as a professional for over a decade, a current college player, present officials, and a supervisor of officials. Officiating “is the toughest job on the court,” notes Minnesota Head Coach Tubby Smith. “You make one mistake and it’s magnified.”

He also points out that officials must keep up with today’s athletes and their skills: “Things happen a lot quicker and a lot faster — you got to be in the right spot and anticipating,” says the coach. “The number-one thing for me is being consistent,” says Vince Taylor, who just completed his fifth season as a Minnesota assistant coach. “Set the tone from the beginning [of the game]. Continue Reading →

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