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St. Cloud: ignoring racism to preserve “White Cloud”

St. Cloud

As a result of its racism, St. Cloud (“White Cloud”) has been invaded by civil rights groups, federal investigators and unsympathetic outside news reporters. In a community where racism has always been its most abundant natural resource, psychological salvation and sociopathic glue, meaningful changes must be forced from outside? Continue Reading →

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Somalis lead the push against racism in “white cloud”

St. Cloud Technical High School

Would St. Cloud, Minnesota (best known and ridiculed as “white cloud”), be more or less pathologically racist without Somali immigrants? Recently, Somali Technical High School students and their supportive parents demonstrated against persistent disregard for race-based assaults, bullying and taunting. Continue Reading →

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Proposed St. Cloud Islamic Center arouses racial tensions

By Luke Tripp

Guest Commentator


The City of St. Cloud is unfriendly to people of color. It is located in Minnesota’s sixth congressional district, which is represented by Michele Bachman, one of the prominent leaders of the Tea Party movement. As an elected politician, her views (which are extremely hostile to the interests of people of color) largely reflect those of a large segment of her constituents in St. Cloud. Continue Reading →

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