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U.S convinces itself that some killing is OK

Does the U.S. government believe that it is acceptable to encourage and assist the Yemen government in their killing of citizens with drone strikes, since due process is not real popular or prevalent in Yemen, that this is all that is needed or not needed, to make it morally acceptable to execute people? Are the U.S. government leaders thinking, “Well, they are not real big on due process, so we have every right to encourage and assist the Yemen government in executing their citizens without due process?” What opportunistic bastards, that they in Washington will take advantage of Yemen’s weak government and law structure, so they can gun down as many individuals as possible. How do their minds work? No different than the minds of terrorists; convincing yourself that your killing is acceptable. U.S. drone strikes in Yemen over the past 10 years number over 100. Continue Reading →

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The struggle continues — Obama is not proof of a post-racial society



When one compares the 1968 Kerner Commission Report, which chronicled the problems that Black folks were experiencing in just about every walk of life at the time, and the misery index for Black folks today, one finds that the lot of Black folks haven’t changed that much. In a word, we are still an oppressed nationality living in the United States. So it would appear that the struggle for justice and equality continues. Well, at least common sense would dictate that the struggle continues. If Black folks are still experiencing job discrimination and police brutality and an unjust justice system as evidenced by the disparity in sentencing, particularly in drug cases, then the struggle clearly continues. Continue Reading →

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