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S.W.I.M. grows out of what youth are asking for

Mentoring program responds to lack of structured activities for youth
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By Jamal Denman

Contributing Writer


For many generations, people in the United States have been persistently fed a skewed view of the history of this country and the people who populate it. Stories intended to be accepted as accurate accounts of the past are commonly disseminated to the masses through the public and private educational systems, as well as various print, television, radio, and web media outlets. A large number of these institutions, wittingly or otherwise, simultaneously project stereotypical images of various cultures when it comes to the depiction of non-Whites and cultures not considered “traditionally American.” Those images are often negative or unflattering at best. Due in large part to the history of Black people’s experience in the United States, these practices can be detrimental to the psychological and social development of African American youth trying to figure out who they are and what their value is to the world as human beings. These are some key reasons why Thomas Berry decided to develop a youth program which gives young people opportunities to learn about history, culture, and develop a sense of pride in themselves. Continue Reading →

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