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Eighty-four million dollars levied against the Wilfs

The question of Vikings future still under discussion
On Monday, Sept 23, Minnesota media reported, almost breathlessly, New Jersey Judge Wilson’s order for damages, using headlines with a different slant than New Jersey. Newark Star Ledger: “Judge announces damages of $84.5 million against Wilfs in long-running lawsuit.”

Minneapolis Star Tribune: “Wilfs fined $84.5 million in New Jersey real estate fraud case.” Attorney fees of $16 million could push it over $100 million.”

Minneapolis reporting leaves out three key points. (1) The Wilf position: How little, if anything, those suing actually did (hence Wilf actions and subsequent lawsuit). (2) The bogus concern: Can the Wilf’s pay, as the legislation allows stadium revenue sources to pay the Vikings share, not the Wilfs personally? (3) Number two is because of Minnesota arrogance, as seen in Ted Mondale’s 2011 statement that is the essence of how the governor, legislature, and sports authority have acted, that “a stadium deal is not complicated.” The Wilfs not only recognize the complexity of the deal, they actually understand contracts and finances and are better negotiators. Continue Reading →

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