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Zsame serenades parents at Wenso Ashby’s CD release

The evening doesn’t get off to a promising start at Else Warehouse for pianist/producer/composer Wenso Ashby’s The Rebirth: Mind, Body & Soul release event and listening party. Not having seen Ashby in ages, I eagerly reach to shake his hand. He grabs mine and literally drags me back to the door — no hello, how’ve you been, nothing  — like he’s taking out the trash, sends me back downstairs to wait. No word how long, just go wait. When I am permitted entrance, at the bar a haughty hostess ignores me. Continue Reading →

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Hometown talent celebrate BMA’s 25-year anniversary

African American cable music company saluted by local music artists
By Robin James

Contributing Writer


“Coming here tonight, I see so many great friends in the house who are here with us tonight…Without you there would be no us,” Pete Rhodes, the founder of the BMA Network, said at its first BMA Channel celebration held at the Dakota Jazz Club & Restaurant on Friday, December 21. This three-hour event, which Rhodes hosted, was free and open to the public. A first-of-its-kind event, it also served as the 25th anniversary of the BMA Network. Sponsors of the event included IPR, Comcast, and the Minnesota State Lottery. Technically speaking, BMA has been around for 28 years, but as far as formal annual celebrations go, the number 25 works. Continue Reading →

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