Why was American media silent on Afghan behavior pre-9/11?

By Frank Erickson
Guest Commentator

I find the American media to be rather cowardly, doing whatever the government asks of them, and this becomes an all-encompassing thing where even editorial cartoonist step into line.

The machine is at full throttle right now; it is a scary thing as to how coordinated it all is, how fine tuned it is. Someone is planning and orchestrating all of this, it’s mind boggling how big and evil it is.

This everyday attack on Afghan men, Afghan life and the Taliban in our media is relentless. If you follow newspapers on a daily basis, you see the pattern, you see the deliberate attempt to criminalize not just the Taliban, but Afghan life and all Afghan men.

This process is done to dehumanize them, make it easier to attack them, to kill them. People of color in American are still subjected to this process.

One of the most disturbing things published in an attempt to make the entire country look evil and backwards — and a country that needs our violence to save them from themselves — was a Tribune editorial titled “The Lost Boys of Afghanistan,” August 26, 2010. Apparently Afghanistan is the “pedophilia capital of Asia,” where teenage boys are “owned” by Afghan men, and this is a “culturally sanctioned form of rape.”

I’m not quite sure which is more disgusting: all this boy raping, or the U.S. government inflicting 10 years of cavemen violence upon this country and then thinking it is more civilized than Afghanistan.

The machine keeps kicking out more evil things; the list of evil keeps growing:

1. They abuse women.

2. They abuse girls; they use poisonous gas on girls’ schools.

3. They don’t fight fair.

4. They stone people to death.

5. They accept men having sex with boys.

The government is the government, and can’t be trusted. As with most governments, they are in business for themselves — but I have a question for the U.S. media. How were Afghan and Taliban men behaving before 9/11? Is their behavior a new thing that has started since 9/11?

How was it that we tolerated and coexisted with their behavior in the 1980s?

When they were fighting the Soviets, we funded their behavior, their lifestyles. Why did we accept and co-exist with their beliefs back then, but now it is unacceptable?

In the 1980s Afghan women were being abused, girls were not allowed to go to school, people were being stoned to death, men were raping boys — but we never heard about it in any of these oh so brave mainstream newspapers.

How could we coexist with their evil behavior back then, but we can’t now? What cowards, using their behavior as justifications to attack them, when we funded this same behavior in the 1980s.

Frank Erickson lives in Minneapolis.