Blacks not as helpless as Democrats imply



 We can and should have photo IDs to vote

The new Black Power Movement should be growing tired of Democrats, including Black officials, using Blacks as a defense to Republican policies. If it’s welfare, it’s “This is going to hurt Black families.” No matter what the Republican policy, Democrats cry about the hurt, doom and destruction this or that policy will have on poor, helpless, hopeless, undereducated, unable-to-adjust Black people.

Really, you have to be getting tired of Democrats using Black people to battle Republican policy. Whenever, this happens, Black people are made to look as if we need preferential treatment because we are too stupid, too poor, and not capable of meeting high standards. The Whites, Asians, Mexicans, and every other culture can function under Republican policies and change, but Black people.

Now we have the Minnesota voter identification issue. The issue is that all Minnesotans must show a Minnesota ID before voting. The Democrats are saying this is going to hurt Black people, and requiring Blacks to get a Minnesota ID is too much. Blacks cannot meet this most basic expectation of obtaining an ID to vote, despite that ID being provided free of charge.

This is racism at its best. Democrats are demeaning Black people by implying we cannot do something as easy as getting an ID to vote. We need IDs for banking, buying smokes, getting into a nightclub, paying for groceries with a check, and more. However, a Black person cannot get a Minnesota ID to vote (despite it being free for voting)?

How can anyone allow White politicians and other liberal agencies, with the support of Black officials, to continue to demean Black people at every opportunity to fight Republican policies? We are being used as what I call “the Democrat political race reaction” to fight any Republican policies with which Democrats do not agree.

Look over the issues. Permit to carry gun law, Voter ID, reducing welfare benefits, stand your ground law — regarding these and other policies, Democrats will talk about the poor Black person being hurt. We are racial bait, racial convenience for debating Republican policies.

We are “the Democrat political race reaction.” You heard this term here first. If we (Democrats) don’t like it, let’s use the poor, stupid, ignorant and incapable-of-surviving Black. Many times at the Capitol, hearing Democrats use us in this demeaning way makes me sick.

At times one has to wonder why the Black House members are allowing this to happen. The shame on Black people being used is difficult. When will we not allow this type of Black victimization to continue, including the use of it from our Uncle Tom, sell-out Black politicians who allow this to go on without challenge?

Having an ID to vote is very empowering for Black people. I dare anyone to try and turn me away from voting with my legally mandated photo ID. Come on now, currently you can vote with a utility bill. How many of you carry a utility bill in your pocket, purse, on your person daily?

The vouching system? Heck, I can bring my neighbor to the voting place (I don’t know the dude) and say, this is John Wayne. John Wayne can vote. This is a mockery to the many Black civil rights leaders who were killed in the fight for our ability to vote.

Notice, I did not say “right,” because no one has the right to vote, including White Democrats. I’ll educate you more about this in my next column. The following are facts Black people need to be aware of:

1. Combining Election Day registration with vouching provides a big window for voter fraud — over 6,000 Election Day registrants provided names or addresses that couldn’t be verified after they voted in the 2008 election. Eighty percent want Voter ID across all demographics.

2. Nobody will be unable to vote because of a Voter ID requirement. If you can’t get your ID in time, you will still have the option of using a provisional ballot.

3. Thousands of people will be disenfranchised by Voter ID? The courts have all said there’s no evidence that anyone will be unable to vote because of Voter ID in Indiana, Georgia, and even the United States Supreme Court.

4. There is evidence of voter fraud and that’s been proven in court (close to 200 convictions just from the 2008 election in Minnesota).

This columnist made the above-mentioned facts on a televised debate on the Almanac TPT.  Watch the debate by copying and clicking into this link:


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