MCTC welcomes diverse students and employees



The mission of Minneapolis Community and Technical College (MCTC) has remained constant, to be an institution that transforms the community by educating students who are globally aware, engaged citizens who are skilled at their work and lifelong learners. As a member of the MCTC Foundation Board and supporter of the college starting with President Earl W. Bowman continuing to President Davis, I understand the college’s commitment to diversity of faculty and serving our valued students.

I appreciate the dialogue started in the series about MCTC [“Students of color now the majority at MCTC,” MSR, July 5; “Most agree MCTC needs more faculty of color,” MSR, July 12]. However, I wanted to provide a balanced response on behalf of the college.

MCTC has seen an outstanding growth of 34 percent in enrollment during the past six years, while increasing students of color by 61 percent. This growth is a direct result of programs that serve underrepresented students and empower them to be successful.

These programs including Power of YOU, MCTC’s African American Education Empowerment Program, and the expansion of the college’s Resource and Referral Center.  MCTC is also the only two-year college in the country to support eight TRiO programs assisting people with limited income in enrolling in college and completing their education.  Twenty-five percent of the student life clubs at the college are multicultural in nature.

MCTC has a long history of serving students of color.  According to data collected by Minnesota State Colleges and Universities, MCTC  has 23.7 percent employees of color, far above the statewide average.  Additionally, the student population is comprised of 53.9 percent students of color.  African American students are the largest group of students of color currently served by MCTC as they represent 68.9 percent of the students of color.

The percentage of permanent faculty of color has doubled at MCTC, rising from 11 percent in 2006 to 22.7 percent in 2012. The total number of permanent faculty is 180 and 41 are people of color. Of the eight new full-time faculty hires the college made for 2012, six are people of color. The college has also increased its hiring of people of color in non-faculty and administrative positions.

MCTC not only welcomes diverse students and employees, we recognize our diversity is the heart and soul of our college. Our continued commitment to diversity has led the college to hire a new VP of student affairs and chief diversity officer whose office will provide additional support for students and employees of color and other underrepresented groups, as well as the entire MCTC community.

MCTC continuously works to expand and improve its recruitment efforts. To ensure we reach the strongest, broadest audiences and achieve a balanced representation of diverse employees, the college conducts national searches for each faculty and administrator vacancy.

MCTC will continue its ongoing efforts to engage the community to recruit highly qualified candidates of color to build a workforce that reflects the diversity of our student body. The college invites input from the community in all conversations to assist us in our efforts to serve the educational needs of our community.


Harry W. Davis, Jr. 

Vice President, MCTC Foundation Board of Directors