Living the Single Life!

Look here every week for MSR’s profiles of local men and women who are, at least for now, unattached and…living the single life.




Brianna Miller

Age:  31

Profession:  Owner and CEO, On Paper, LLC

City:  Eden Prairie


Single life is… freedom! However, it is lonely not having someone to talk with intimately, someone to build a future with and someone to grow old with.


Single most favorite pasttime is… standing in my kitchen, cooking and singing my heart out.


Single most favorite album is… India Arie, Testimony: Vol. 1, Life & Relationship, because “I choose,” and “my past don’t dictate who I am!”


Single most favorite person in the world is… me, of course! I love the woman that I am, the passion, the integrity, the empathy, and the power.

Single life lesson I’ve learned is… I am always a beginner. There are no limits and every day is a day to make progress.


Photo by Steve Floyd