Will Dave Chappelle come back to Minneapolis?


 By Mel Reeves

220px-Dave_Chappelle_(cropped)Anything is possible! Apparently the funny man whose Comedy Central vignettes are still popular, may be on the verge of a comeback. There have been recent sightings of the seclusive and private Dave Chappelle and he performed in Minneapolis not long ago. He was last seen at the “Chapel” in the mission district of San Francisco last week. According to reviews he was his old funny self and seemed to enjoy being on stage. No one really seems to know why Chappelle left the public arena, some suspect that the money being offered either put too much pressure on him or made him feel like you couldn’t take that much money without selling out.

Whatever the reason Chappelle’s comedic imagination and biting social satire is missed these days and a comeback would be welcomed by his many fans. During his Chapel appearance last week he was his old self. When he contemplated the feat of building the Great Wall of China, he wondered out loud, tongue in cheek, “I didn’t know they had Mexicans.”

A fan, who saw him in San Francisco at another venue, summed him up well in the comments section of SFist.com website.

“The dude just has a great lens on life, and it rubs off on you when you’re in the same room as him. Not many other people had their ticket punched for the “super rich, super famous” club and decided to walk away from it.”

Whether or not we’ll see more of him is up in the air. At a recent event in New York, he joined Chris Rock onstage and they teased the crowd with the suggestion of a joint tour. “Come out to Oakland,” Chappelle said to Rock. Replied Rock, “You should come down to West Palm.” Chappelle responded, “After next Tuesday, I’m free for like 11 years.”