Campaign launched to educate uninsured Minnesotans about Obamacare

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Planned Parenthood Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota (PPMNS) is launching a campaign to help educate uninsured Minnesotans about the benefits and availability of new health insurance plans available through MNsure and help them get enrolled. “Thousands of Minnesotans without insurance will be able to enroll in more affordable, quality health insurance plans — but that’s only if they know where to go for information, how to get their questions answered, and how to enroll,” said Sarah Stoesz, president and CEO of PPMNS.

“That’s why we are launching this campaign to help educate eligible, uninsured women about the new options available to them.”

The campaign includes a new webpage at, with enrollment resources and information and how the law benefits women. MNsure-certified navigators will be launching education and enrollment efforts in communities state-wide. Minnesotans can also learn more or speak with a navigator by phone (1-800-230-PLAN) or email (

Outreach to young uninsured women in PPMNS’ health centers and through neighborhood canvassing and phone-banking hopes to reach as many as possible about enrolling in a new plan, and there is a social media campaign with constant updates on Facebook and Twitter — including an “Ask a Navigator” series featuring some of the most frequently asked questions.

A series of educational videos will outline some simple steps every Minnesotan can take to find a plan that’s right for them. “Thousands of uninsured women in our region already rely on Planned Parenthood for trusted information and health care,” added Stoesz. “We are uniquely positioned to reach the very people that will benefit from this law the most because 75 percent of our patients are currently uninsured.”

With the enrollment period beginning, recent polls have revealed mass confusion among those likely to benefit from Obamacare most. A poll conducted by The Wall Street Journal/NBC last week found that, among the uninsured, 76 percent of respondents said they didn’t understand the law and how it would affect them. Fifty-two percent of the uninsured polled believed Obamacare wouldn’t affect them at all.


How Obamacare will impact women

Women stand to benefit considerably from the healthcare law. They represent nearly half of the uninsured and have unique healthcare needs, particularly during their reproductive years. In Minnesota, 900,000 women will gain access to preventive health services like prenatal care, breast-feeding support and birth control without co-pays.

And, women will no longer have to pay more for health insurance than men. They can no longer be denied insurance coverage for pre-existing conditions like breast cancer, having a C-section, or being the victim of domestic violence.

Nationally, nearly 12 million uninsured women between the ages of 19 and 44 will become eligible for new health insurance either through Medicaid or Marketplace plans. Once fully implemented, the ACA will ensure that the nine percent of Minnesotans who are uninsured — nearly 500,000 people — will have access to the health care they need.


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