Metro Blooms presents…Rain gardens and beyond: Healthy yards, clean water


You can help keep our lakes, rivers and streams clean by the simple changes you make in your yard care choices. Metro Blooms landscape designers and Hennepin County Master Gardeners are partnering to offer workshops that explore the latest in healthy yard care practices, including proper use of fertilizers, disposal and reuse of yard waste, keeping sidewalks ice free and managing runoff onsite.

The workshops are designed to move participants quickly from an overview of healthy yard care practices to a completed rain garden design for their property with one-on-one assistance from Metro Blooms landscape designers and Hennepin County Master Gardeners.

Register now. Some locations fill up fast. Workshops will be offered from March through June. Whether you are an experienced gardener or have never tried gardening before, these eco-friendly gardening workshops will help you learn how to:

• Capture rainwater on site with rain gardens.

• Redirect your downspouts and install a rain barrel.

• Plan your own garden with one-on-one assistance from landscape designers and Hennepin County Master Gardeners.

• Use beautiful native plants in your garden landscape.

• Adopt healthy yard care practices for you and for our clean waters.

Participants are also eligible for a low-cost onsite consultation and rain garden design rendering from a landscape design professional.

“An average-sized residential rain garden captures approximately 400 gallons of runoff every time it rains 1 inch,” said Metro Blooms Executive Director Becky Rice. “So each of us can make a substantial impact.”


For more information, including dates and times of upcoming workshops, and to register, go to or call 651-699-2426. There is a $10-15 fee per workshop.

 This information was provided by Metro Blooms, a non-profit organization that works to strengthen communities by promoting environmentally-sound landscaping that beautifies neighborhoods and protects our environment.