Why Every Black Woman — what?!


Dr. Nazaree Hines-Starr, PharmD , who wrote Why Every Black Woman Should Marry A Jewish Man, a brisk-selling book that has tongues wagging all over the Internet, is a (using the term loosely) Black woman who has lost her mind, what little she had to begin with (either that or the good doctor of pharmacology, somewhere along the line, did a bit too much research in getting her degree).

In this day and age with so much cultural consciousness going around, you’d think color-blinded folk like this female would be on the wane, that they’d at least have the decency to keep such sickening madness to themselves. Nope. On top of which, coming out of the woodwork, this lunatic has emboldened crazies of similar sentiment who’ve gone into chat rooms and on blog sites to second her emotion.

At, for instance, AfroRomance.com, one dizzy dingbat comments, ”I have been looking at Jewish men rather closely. The ones I know are my friends husband’s and they treat their wives beautifully and they have been married forever. I would love to meet one.”

Another such dim bulb attests, “I’m really happy for her. I’ve never dated a Jewish man before. I am really interested in getting to know one. I [am an] American of African [descent] and if you are Jewish, looking for a long-term relationship then you may chat with me: dmines2015 ya/hoo dot. Just leave afro Jewish man in subject.”

Astonishingly enough, I mentioned the title to a friend and a Black (again, being generous with the term) woman listening on cheerfully piped up, “Sounds good to me!” I ignored her and kept talking to my friend. “She lays out these stilted rationalizations.”

Again the eavesdropper mouthed off, “Like what?” Actually challenging, brightly confrontational. Discretion being the better part of not cussing her out, I told my friend we’d talk later. And, holding my tongue, walked away, reflecting, Hines-Starr, Ms. Who-The-Hell-Was-Talking-To-Her-In-The-First-Place and these others are the sort of White-minded women who, when Massa finished dinner in the big house, wiped his mouth, kissed his wife and went out to stretch his legs, sauntering down to the shacks, leisurely looking for someone to rape, would spring to their feet, waving, cheerfully calling, “Pick me! Please, pick me!”

The Twin Cities, it pretty much goes without saying, is the perfect place to peddle such tripe as Why Every Black Woman…” with its trotting out stereotypes like Jewish men are all responsibly conscientious bread winners and Black men all are philandering dead beats. After all, the only thing you see more of hereabouts than Black women running after White men is Black men chasing White women.

While we’re on that point for a moment, one thing you do have to give the local White-man hungry Black women: they do go for the gold, digging up somebody who can finance a lifestyle to which anyone would love to be accustomed while many Black men in Minneapolis and St. Paul get with any old White woman they can put their hands on.

You’d think, nowadays, when successful, highly desirable men like Barack Obama, Keith Ellison and more are standing tall in the public light, Hines-Starr would have enough brains to not rule out every single African American male in her asinine ardor over White skin. Obviously you’d be wrong.


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