An ‘all knowing God’ loves all equally







I was raised a Christian, as most of us were around here. One thing that stands out for me, was being taught that this God, was an “all knowing God.”

Those who work in Washington may go to church because they really believe in this God, or they may go because it is good for their political careers. Regardless of why they go, maybe they should pray that this “all knowing God” does not exist because he, or she, or it, being all knowing, would see through the smoke.

iraq2Washington kills people in Yemen, Iraq, and Afghanistan with as much thought and concern as we kill mosquitos. Washington kills tens of thousands in Iraq and Afghanistan, but the only killing in the past 13 years that has Washington in an uproar is the few Americans killed in Benghazi. An “all knowing God” who loves all souls equally (not just American souls) would be sickened and disgusted by the behavior of those in Washington.

An “all knowing God” would turn its back on people who worried only about safety at their airports while they cared little to nothing about their killing of people in Yemen, Iraq and Afghanistan. An “all knowing God” would not let this type of insanity be swept under the rug, as America allows itself to do.


Frank Erickson lives in Minneapolis.