A racist policeman reminded Blacks of their worth in America

By Willie Johnson

Guest Commentator


MSR EditorialThe American dream, is a dream rooted in every Black and White person. The events that have unfolded in Ferguson, MO show the people of America and the world that we have a long way to go when it comes to race relationships.

If the powers that be in Ferguson, MO truly want justice, then arrest the accused officer that shot Michael Brown. I am sure that will deflate a lot of the tension. When are we going to stop letting racist police set back our humanity and make it seem like a crime when Black people ask for justice. It’s like White people just want the Constitution to work for them.

For centuries we have gave our blood, sweat and tears for the idea of American justice. Judges and lawyers who are supposed to be the stewards of the law, always find an excuse to stop Blacks from the American dream and pursuit of equal rights and fair play regardless of race or religious affiliation.

It took one racist police from Missouri to remind us Black Americans of our worth and status in regards to the American Constitution. Michael Brown was someone’s child, brother, cousin and a human being who had God-given rights as well as American rights to pursue life.

A racist police officer changed the history of Michael Brown’s family and the Black history of America. How can we put a stop to racist men madness who only see our children and people as a target that they practice on at the gun range?

Is it that dead slaves mean nothing to mighty America anymore? Or is it they have new slaves from Mexico and Africa now. All we have ever asked the ruling powers of America for is fair justice and a slice of the apple pie they call American capitalism, to rebuild hope and our economy for our Black families. Over the last several years all we have been subjected to is racist police and community watchmen who have been killing our children for sport.

Once again old wounds have been opened up between Black and White people. The whole world can truly see what the White majority thinks of Black People in America. Just tune in to Ferguson, MO.


Willie Johnson lives in Minneapolis.