New column, same good content  


jenga_brandon_jonesOut with the old

Greetings, readers! I am announcing here that this column is changing. In fact, this is really an evolution of what has already been written and shared. The purpose for this is that I, Brandon Jones, am in a process of delivering more innovative and clear information to you all.

In with the new

I wake up in the morning to help those who need help the most by attempting to solve problems and not creating any. This is what I call my single motivating purpose. Also, this is my hope for the column.

I want to improve the mental health, emotional wellness, and overall mindset of everyone who reads this column. I believe a core part of our solutions must begin with what we can do — which, when we are not in an emotionally, spiritually, or physically healthy space, makes this extremely difficult.

My new goal is to influence every reader to become a Jegna.

What is a Jegna?

A Jegna is a person who is still growing, still a learner, still with potential, and whose life continues to have within it promise for and connection to the future. A Jegna is a person who deserves respect and honor and whose work it is to synthesize wisdom from lifelong experience and formulate this into a legacy for future generations.

The word “Jegna” is said to be a translation from the language of the ancient kingdom of Abyssinia. In the African culture, Jegna is a title of distinction. Translated into English, it means hero, warrior, soldier; it means courage, strength, and protection of our culture, land and people; and it means elder.

What to expect moving forward

The content that I will share in this column moving forward will assist you in becoming a special person who dedicates herself or himself to protect, love, nurture, and develop our young by advancing our people, places and culture. Expect to see columns on such topics as family conflict, self-discouraging behaviors, the stress of parenting, the effects of micro-aggressions on your mental health, and teenage depression, just to name a few.


Therefore it is important for you to remember the following: A Jegna is more than a “leader.” She or he is someone who is not afraid to speak truth to power, is uncompromised, full of integrity, and at the very core of his or her being sees the welfare and protection of his or her people as paramount. They are literally prepared to die for the community they represent.

So, are you a Jegna? If so, please keep checking out this column and connect with me online.


Brandon Jones M.A. is a mental health practitioner. He welcomes reader responses to or follow him on twitter @UniversalJones.