Dads, uncles and brothers man up for education

Reggie Turner with son Josiah Turner
Reggie Turner with son Josiah Turner

On November 17 nearly 100 men showed up to spend the morning with students at the FAIR School Downtown. The principal of FAIR, Kevin Bennett, hosted the Dads, Uncles and Brothers who Serve (DUBS) event to recognize the positive impact that these men have on students, school and community.

The event began with the men breaking bread and listening to Chadwick “Niles” Phillips perform a song describing his personal narrative, including his relationship with his father. Bennett addressed the group with a story about the men in his life and the lasting impact that they had and continue to have on him as a man, a father, and as a principal. Bennett also discussed the positive impact that male mentors have at FAIR.

“Every morning and afternoon I see fathers leading by example here at FAIR,” Bennett said. “They inspire me to be the best dad I can be with two daughters in elementary grades and a son in Pre-K.

“I want our dads, uncles, and brothers and their little ones to know that our community welcomes them and values them. When we partner with DUBS, more kids win and find success in school.”

Dad of the Year Evan Clark and his son Isaiah Clark
Dad of the Year Evan Clark and his son Isaiah Clark

Bennett then recognized one of the fathers in attendance with the DUBS “On Point award.” Evan Clark, a longtime FAIR school parent, was recognized for his commitment and his participation in the education and social wellbeing of his daughter and son. Clark was nominated for the award by both students and other FAIR staff who recognized the impact his daily presence has on not only his children, but all of the students he engages with.

“This award is such an honor to receive,” said Clark. “It highlights a part of my life that I never got to experience as a child — fatherhood.”

Lutunji Abram, FAIR’s family liaison, coordinated the day and ensured that the DUBS did not leave empty handed. There were giveaways including massage and chiropractic treatment from Cultural Chiropractic, courtesy of Dr. Juneau and Anika Robbins, as well as a Mary Kay Man Pack compliments of Candace Yates, and tickets to the Timberwolves courtesy of FAIR School.

“The idea of the ongoing community support for the vision of FAIR speaks volumes to the power of putting families and community first, so honoring our DUBS came natural,” said Abram. “The love was so thick in the room this morning, you could see the joy and pride on every DUBS face, and this was reflected in the faces of their children. Truly, this was a day to be remembered.”

Mike Elston, who works on community partnerships for FAIR, commented, “It was a powerful moment to see community volunteers and our dads, uncles and brothers engaging together around literacy and healthy living. We love that our partners are willing to step up to support our vision and willing to open their doors to provide these types of meaningful experiences for our families.”


This information was provided by the FAIR School Downtown.