Trump: the fire now – Tensions rise in the U.S.A.

TThroughMyEyesnewhe fire-bombing of Republican headquarters in Orange County, North Carolina, is clearly a dangerous and intimidating signal that is being sent to America. As North Carolina Governor McCrory said, it is an assault on the democratic system. But by who?

Donald trump has said the Orange County incident was carried out by animals of the Democratic Party. But the persons of interest to the police are White supremacists.

So let’s replace the old saying of “the fire next time” with “the fire now” to describe Donald Trump’s claim. The inferno he has created to challenge historical reflections on the history of voter denial and contemporary voter fraud in America is different for us, as we have long experienced voter suppression and voter fraud, as imposed by both parties, despite the Civil War and the “freedom” of 1865.

Trump raises seriously real issues about the integrity of voter protection, and about voter fraud. This column was written October 17, and this columnist expects additional violent responses by the time this column is published October 27. And yet all of this is no less harmful than the rhetoric that African Americans are enjoying unprecedented economic advancement across the country, including the overboard reporting of economic opportunity on one of the largest public works projects in the history of the state of Minnesota.

Supporters of these falsehoods represent a very dangerous element of American society, talking revolution and speaking in the dark terms of violence if their candidate for the president of the United States does not win in November. We know many will dismiss such allegations, but Black Americans know the pain that accompanies the denial of being excluded.

As we have long written, it is troubling that some of our own community participate in twisting the factual information to support the great lie that we are doing better now than at any time in the history of the State of Minnesota and its various municipalities. Tensions rise each and every day among young African Americans when they are told great economic opportunity has arrived even though statistical data and their own experience does not support that claim.

It is disturbing that after the Bureau of Census exposed the economic collapse of Black Minnesota, only this column and this newspaper has reported the truth. It is especially disturbing when the betrayal comes from so-called African American leaders as well. Payoffs buy silence.

There are those in both parties committed to tearing this country apart if their side is not victorious in November. Will the African American community support true civil rights? Will the African American community continue to be fed the great lie of economic opportunities achieved and present for Black America in Minnesota?

It is hogwash. It is betrayal. It is misrepresentation of actual facts. For 30 pieces of silver some will do anything, even after realizing the 30 pieces of silver are worthless to our community as a whole.

The reason I spoke of Orange County, North Carolina is because this is one of those topics about which the American public doesn’t understand due to their belief in light when in reality what we have is darkness. The persons of interest have turned out to be White supremacists who took a page out of the old German playbook when Germans dressed up the dead in Polish uniforms at a German outpost on the Polish border after burning it themselves and then blaming the Poles, using that as an excuse to invade Poland. To learn more just google the 1939 attack on that radio station and see the parallel with North Carolina.

Stay tuned.


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